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MAJIC (an acronym for MATLAB Just-In-time Compiler) is a joint effort between Cornell University and the University of Illinois to study and develop new compiler technology for the MATLAB programming language. MAJIC is sponsored by the National Science Foundation Grant No. 1-5-31615 NSF ACI98-70687. Our work is continuation of FALCON project at Illinois.

MAJIC Compiler Technology

Why another MATLAB compiler? because the FALCON project convinced us that there are compiler optimizations that can make MATLAB code run faster than what current tools are providing. But we didn't want to stop and compile (by hand) every procedure we wanted to execute. So we tried to see whether we could reproduce FALCON's performance and speedups with a just-in-time compiler.

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Our Benchmarks

The MATLAB code we used for testing comes from various sources, but mainly from John H. Mathews' book, "NUMERICAL METHODS for Mathematics". The original set of 12 benchmarks was mainly used by the FALCON project and still contains many props/crutches to make it work with FALCON and with MAJIC. Visit the download page to get them.

People, Publications and Links

The project is headed by Keshav Pingali at Cornell, David Padua at Illinois, and Luiz De Rose from IBM. The legwork is done by the graduate students, Vijay Menon and George Almási. For our publications related to MAJIC, and for links referring to other similar projects, check out this page.
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