Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking Projects at CSRD

Perfect Benchmarks

A suite of scientific and engineering programs that are representative of applications run on high-performance computers has been collected in a joint effort of several US research and development orgainizations. The codes are being used for benchmarking computer systems as well as for the purpose of evaluating new concepts and developments in high-performance computing.

The Perfect Benchmarks codes are available free of charge for non-commercial use. Signing of a licence agreement is necessary.

Official reports of Perfect benchmarking results can be found in CSRD technical reports "Perfect Report 1", "Perfect Report2", and addenda. They can be ordered in hardcopy from

If you are iterested in obtaining these codes please fill out the no-cost licence agreement (PostScript format) (PDF format) and fax it to us at +1 217 333 3501. Further information is available via ftp from Questions can be directed to

SPEC High Performance Group

In Spring 1994 the Perfect Benchmarking project and the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation have joined efforts and formed the new SPEC High Performance Group. A new suite a representative applications for high-performance machines is available as SPEChpc96. For more information visit the Web page of the SPEC High-Performance Group at